Working with such a great producer as Tony Berg on You Got Me (Moving) , my first solo album back in 2011, was one of the best musical experience I ever had. The main thing was of course to follow Tony’s visions on how to polish my music in order to get the best possible record but I have to say I also remember these days in his Los Angeles studio as the first time I realized how much I love the production part of my job.

Whilst making « You Got Me (Moving) », Franck Lobielti and I first discussed the will to one day produce my next record together. And so we did. We moved back to Nice in May 2012 and managed to be in charge in the making of my solo album number 2  One Is Not Enough

One Is Not Enough is a record I wanted diverse in many ways. Demoing nearly all of the songs on my IPad has shown me how much fun I could have playing with tools I never used before. We kept a lot of the IPad tracking just because our ears were telling us how great they were sounding. In fact « The Sanctuary Of Us » has entirely been recorded on this little toy 😉

Check out the video we made for it right below

The Ipad tracking being the starting point of it all, we bounced the existing tracks onto our desk at The A Spot studio in Nice, adding a bunch of organic sounds, synthesizers, dirty guitars, making sure the beats we’d used would be as fat as possible and finally singing the songs on a RE20 mic in front of the control room speakers to have a live feel to the vocal performances.

Have a listen to Feed Me right here to hear what I mean!

And of course, we mixed this album I’m really proud of at La Frette studios in Paris with the super talented Nicolas Quere who’s also credited as a co-producer. Please have a listen to « Shoot« the very last track we mixed. It is I guess my personal tribute to the tracks we love to dance to when it gets all dark and blury in a late night club.

Have fun!

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