Producing Lea Lu


Back in 2011, I was touring a solo album of mine called « You Got Me (Moving) ». One of the many stops we made has been Lausanne in Switzerland where we had the opportunity to play a great venue. The Docks. That night, I had as a support act a female vocalist in the name of Lea Lu whom I got to meet a few months before in Zurich. I couldn’t help but noticing her amazing vocal skills. Since then we kept in touch, as I usually like to do when I cross the path of an inspiring artist.

In 2012, Lea got in touch with me and asked me to produce her forthcoming album which has been released on Sony Music in 2014. My producing partnerFranck Lobielti and I spent a few weeks pre-producing the album in The A Spot,  a Nice based studio we like to work in. The work at the time consisted in arranging the existing tracks Lea brought with her as well as finishing writing some of them. And to accomplish that part of the job, I teamed up with a friend of mine David Zincke (I’ll get back to him in future posts…for sure).

Once we got all of that done, we recorded in various sessions the entire album in Nice. I got to play nearly all of the instruments on that record which I end up doing quite often as all of these artists know me as a multi-instrumentalist 😉 Lea sang and played amazingly on that record. Nicolas Quere mixed all of the tracks in Paris at La Frette, another great studio you’ll hear about many times on this blog as it is one of my favorite place on earth.

I proudly present you the official video of  « I WANT MY COLOURS BACK », Lea’s first single from her 3rd album called « TWO ». 

I’ll hit you up with a more of Lea’s music in future posts but in the mean time don’t hesitate to purchase it right here 😉

Lea Lu – 2

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