Producing Komä

lion day

Komä is an indie band I discovered in my home town, Nice.

In fact, I’ve been really close to the leader of the band, Aymeric Ardimani. A super talented multi instrumentalist who’s main job is to song write, arrange and perform. I became a fan of his musicality and even asked him to join me on stage when touring my last album One Is Not Enough

I naturally ended up working on Komä’s last EP Lion Day at The A Spot Studio in Nice. It was my first time producing a proper band and I have to say that it is a totally different experience. My job was to obviously keep what Komä (Aymeric Ardimani, Julien Orchek, Didier Kwo and Lucas Henry) is great at and adding my visions. A blend of super organic rock spirit with an modern pop-electro touch.

Check out the craaaazy video of their first single « Lion Day » released on indie label MCR

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